2 Years Class

Children who are 2 to 3 years old are opening their eyes to the larger world around them. They want to explore and be independent; taking things apart and putting them back together. Our teachers help them to accomplish the goals of being inventors, discoverers, dreamers, artists, and having fun.

We use the ABEKA curriculum, where the teacher facilitates the childs’ learning. Throughout the year they will learn about God’s world while developing language skills with the help of many animal friends. They will learn to count from 1-25 and recognize numbers 1-10. Coloring, painting, and gluing will help develop manual skills. Stories, poetry, and music will aid in the development of comprehension, language, and thinking skills. Once a week your child will participate in Stretch-n-Grow. A program that promotes health and fitness.

Daily Activities

  • Story Time
  • Circle Time: Social, Emotional, and Language Development
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Playing Outside
  • Sharing
  • Setting the table & serving themselves

Activity Types

Motor Skills

Outdoor games, dancing, movement

Language & Social

Recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech, large and small group activities, sharing, politeness


Textures, understanding the senses, descriptive activities


Arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling


Christy Callis Esquivel – Cubby Teacher

I have been with Happy Days for over 8 years, in child care for 11 years, and earned my CDA in December of 2017. I have been very happy working with the staff and children of Happy Days.